Our Services
Clean, Sanitize, DeodorizeClean/Sanitize/Polish Sinks
Clean,Dust and Vacuum    Polish Stainless Steel Appliances
Dust Baseboards/Woodwork    Clean Patio Door In/Out
Wipe down Cabinet Fronts       Clean Mirrors, Glass Tables
Wash Hardwood Floors     Dust Blinds, Remove Cobwebs
Wash Kitchen Floors Dust Ceiling Fans/Picture Frames
Clean All countertop Clean/Sanitize Tubs and Showers
Clean Appliances/Stovetops     Clean Toilets, Sinks, and Cabinets
Clean Microwave In/Out   Wash Bathroom Floors  
Clean and Polish Granite & Marble   Clean Tile and Other Surfaces
Remove Hard Water Build-up, Rust, Calcium, and Stains
Clean Windows Inside and Trucks
Clean Stove in/Out
Refrigerator In/Out
Clean Dishwasher In/out
Clean Dryer & Washer In/Out
Clean, Scrub and Sanitize Showers, Bathtubs and Sinks
Clean, Scrub and Sanitize Toilets In/out Including base of/behind the Toilet
Bath Floors wash & Disinfect
Clean Shower doors and trucks
Clean Countertops, Range tops, and Wipe Down Back Wall
Clean and polish Quartz, Granite, Marble and Other Surfaces
Wash Kitchen Cabinets In/Out
Clean Microwave In/Out
Dust Blinds, Fans, and Vents
Clean Mirrors, Glass Tables
Dust and Clean Picture Frames
Wash Hardwood Floors
Lamps: Dust Top, Shade and Base
Polish Stainless Steel Appliances
Lemon Oil Woodwork
Move and Sanitize Under Small Appliances
Vacuum Rooms, Hallways, and Stairs
Wash all Doors Both Sides
Patio Doors In/Out
Dust Walls and Remove Cobwebs
Wash Baseboards and all Woodwork
Empty Trash / Change Bag
Clean Fireplace In/Out
Clean Leather Furniture
Vacuum Sofas & Chairs
Cleaning based on your needs